Restaurant marketing agency based in Bangkok

Table Traffic is the only specialized restaurant marketing agency in Bangkok.

We focus on food marketing every single day, and we’ve become very good at it.

One-stop agency

We are a full-service digital agency for restaurants, which means we offer the full works — from strategy to content creation in the form of carefully crafted words, images, and videos. 

Overview of all our services

We treat your business like our own

Table Traffic takes care of restaurant brands like they’re our own. We grow them, help them excel and stay top of mind in their target audience.

Our team constantly thinks of new ways to make things work. In today’s noise in the online world, we know what it takes to be heard and remembered.

We drive marketing initiatives based on actual data, and have achieved very good results. These user-centered activities build awareness, drive traffic, convert, and build both loyalty and advocacy for restaurants.

Many of our clients are top-ranked, world-renowned restaurants and hotels.

Whether your restaurant needs help with brand identity, promoting a grand opening, or building a user-friendly website, Table Traffic would be more than happy to help. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established restaurant or a new restaurant on the block, we’ll “make your marketing taste better”.